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Why is doughnut delivery an excellent choice? Thanks to this, you can order your favourite donuts straight to your door! You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy the taste of our mouth-watering doughnuts. When you choose our donuts with delivery, at once you will be able to indulge your sweet tooth by our treats delivered directly to you.

What can you order?

Doughnut delivery

Check it out and place your order. It’s so simple! See what we have prepared especially for you.

Delivery is not available at the moment, we are working to start it as soon as possible.

Perhaps, you can also visit us locally at Donut’s Planet? Grasp our menu: MENU

We have delicious, hand-made doughnuts, heavenly melt-in-the-mouth American donuts, Spanish churros, Viennese donuts, cottage cheese doughnuts and crispy Polish angel wings.

See how diverse the menu is and taste each type of our doughnuts. We are constantly expanding our offer and every now and then we add new flavours.

We make all products according to our own recipe. We prepare the dough ourselves and supervise every step of the production process. Thanks to our tricks, our doughnuts are not greasy or dry, but fluffy, airy and light.

Doughnut delivery – worth trying?

You can have your fav donuts right at your door without leaving your house. Isn’t that very convenient? You browse the offer, the menu, decide what you crave for and order!

You don’t have to prepare donuts yourself, you keep your home from deep-frying smells, and you can spend the time you save on enjoying watching a film, series or reading a book.

Especially for you, we get up every morning and make our products by hand so that you get fresh and delicious donuts. We control the entire production process so that our products are of the highest quality. We provide you with the opportunity to order donuts delivery so that you can enjoy their taste without leaving your home.

Check out what we have prepared just for you to treat you with our goodies!

So, are you like ordering our donuts?