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Are you considering a franchise? Do you want to know what it really looks like? Are you interested in a donut franchise? You don’t know how to start, what pays off, who pays for the premises, who is the owner and why it is worth trying? Open your own franchise selling point with us!

Donut shop franchises

See our visualization of what your franchise selling point might look like:

Upcoming doughnut shop openings planned:

  • Manchester, the United Kingdom – May 2020
  • Nowy Targ, Poland – June 2020
  • Hamburg, Germany – August 2020
  • Prague, the Czech Republic – September 2020
  • Helsinki, Finland – September 2020
  • Wakefield, the United Kingdom – September 2020

Food Franchises – gastronomy sector

The Piekarczyk Doughnut Shop (Wytwórnia Pączków Piekarczyk) is the first concept in Poland of a multi-type doughnut store offering customers not only hand-made doughnuts (over 50 types) but also American donuts, Polish angle wings (faworki, chrust), cottage cheese mini doughnuts, Spanish donuts, Viennese donuts and a summer offer menu e.g. hand-made, traditionally crafted ice cream, iced coffee or Chocolate Italian Ice. We also serve freshly roasted coffee made with a coffee machine. The rarest and best SANS coffee roasted in a small roaster in Łódź, Poland thanks to which we selected special coffee beans to obtain a blend of the „Italian Style”.

Franchise – what does it look like?

The most important element of this business is knowledge or simply know-how, which we provide to our partners from the very beginning, i.e. from choosing premises to the opening a selling point and throughout the entire period of agreement duration, which also includes the implementation of premises adaptation projects, reconstruction and technological projects with the selection of all the necessary equipment for which our technologists and sanitary experts are responsible.

What distinguishes our company are a non-corporate partnership approach and the lowest franchise fees on the market in the amount of 4% plus 1.5% for marketing – not chain store marketing but local marketing of our partner’s premises because we want to support their businesses. We also provide deliveries from our central warehouse of all necessary raw materials, products, packaging and even clothing for staff. For a month our team will train and prepare employees for a doughnut shop whereas doughnut shop owners will be trained to manage and run a business. Our doughnut shop partners are provided with marketing services (social media, advertising materials, etc.). We train and provide constant substantive assistance throughout the duration of the agreement.

What do we offer as part of franchise cooperation?

  • Business plan
  • All the needed know-how, including: 4 week training for employees in our doughnut shop in Opole, Poland, 2 week supervision of our pastry and confectionary chef from the very first day of a doughnut shop opening, all product recipes, periodic trainings, quality control, trainings for owners / managers of the premises
  • Help in choosing the premises
  • Interior design and arrangement of the premises, renovation work project with guidelines
  • Technological design of the premises made by an architect and a sanitary inspector, which is necessary for the premises to be inspected by the Sanitary-Epidemiological Station (SANEPID)
  • Selection and delivery of full equipment to the premises
  • Deliveries of all advertising materials, company clothing and uniforms for employees, packaging, etc. 
  • Support and assistance in staff recruitment 
  • Sales management software, online store, a mobile app for sales management, tracking and controlling, etc., A video surveillance system + applications
  • Photo shoot + commercial film of the premises made by a professional advertising agency
  • Deliveries of all tested raw materials, packaging, clothes, cleaning products, etc. from our central warehouse
  • Marketing of the premises in social media, local radio, designing of leaflets, posters
  • Full marketing support, training and sales support throughout the entire period of agreement duration
  • Non-corporate partnership approach ?

Franchise – how to set up, how to start, how does it work?

Our first doughnut manufacture – The Piekarczyk Doughnut Shop (Wytwórnia Pączków Piekarczyk) was founded in March 2018 in Opole, Poland, out of abiding passion for confectionery. The second doughnut shop – a franchise was established in Rzeszów at 6 Matejki St. (ul. Matejki 6) in June 2019. Three partner doughnut shops in Poland have been opened with our help. We are soon launching our first franchise doughnut shops in Great Britain, as well as in Hamburg and Germany. We also have signed agreements with franchisees from Helsinki and Prague, the Czech Republic, but due to the widespread pandemic, no lease agreements have been signed.

In our donut store we employ qualified and experienced confectioners, passionate about this craft confectioners and people who are ready to learn a new professional skill. As an open kitchen, our customers can watch how our doughnuts are made to order on the spot, every day starting at 6:00. Doughnuts, angel wings and donuts made to our recipe from 1920, which is why they are tasty, soft and greaseless.

All the products are made according to our recipes, as an open kitchen so that our customers can view the production to prove they are served fresh every day.

Franchise – why is it worth starting?

As a recently founded company, we have not taken any currently available, offered on the market opportunity of a donut franchise in Poland or Europe because of many reasons. Why? The answer is simple: unsatisfactory quality donuts, small range of assortment, typical corporate approach toward business partners, as well as high and long-term franchise costs. The costs of popular doughnut franchises are on average 7-8% net per month for minimum 5 years. According to our calculations, this would be a large part of any business project’s profit. We have decided to do it ourselves. We have been preparing for over a year to open the first donut shop. It cost us a lot of time and money, but it was worth it.

Each selling point / market stall is approved and certified by the Sanitary-Epidemiological Station (SANEPID), all the required HACCP documentation, technological project, as well as other documents required by law.

Franchise premises

  • A fully fitted restaurant with equipment, devices, advertising panels, menu, accessories and advertising materials cost about £18,000 – £20,000 
  • We help with all equipment leasing, newly started companies also assisted.
  • Adaptation of premises: from £5,000 and up (it all depends on the technical conditions of the premises).
  • Franchise fees: £2,000 Initial fee + £4,000 after signing the franchise agreement.
  • After signing the franchise agreement, we carry out all necessary adaptation and arrangement projects of the premises as well as technological projects. We select and supply required equipment / furniture, software. We conduct trainings for employees and owners for several weeks, as well as help with the reception of the approval by local authorities of premises. Finally, we advise on all issues at every stage throughout the entire period of agreement duration.

Franchise with no experience

Our franchise is for everyone. Get familiar with our MENU and contact us for details.

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