Taste our doughnuts by Donut's Planet

We hold the secret recipe for making doughnuts to be fresh, light and fluffy. We know that it is filling that is the heart of a doughnut, so thanks to the hard work and creativity of our team, we already have over 50 types of doughnuts on offer! Surely, we do not skimp on ingredients and get our doughnuts stuffed with generous filling, which is why our confectionery melt in your mouth. Unique taste and type, top-quality due to possessing our own recipe and making our doughnuts ourselves. You will find such doughnuts nowhere else but in our bakery 🙂

Multitype donut shop

Due to the fact that we own a multitype donut shop, we serve a variety of doughnuts. Not only will you find here traditional doughnuts with a wide range of fillings, but also American donuts, cottage cheese doughnuts, Spanish-style doughnuts and Viennese donuts. Especially for you, we have launched a delivery service of your favourite donuts. And for everyone who would like to cooperate with us, you are invited to the section: FRANCHISING.

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