What exactly is a doughnut?

In Poland, it is a confectionery basically made of yeast dough, formed into slightly flattened balls. First and foremost, fried in deep fat until golden-brown colour. Traditionally stuffed with marmalade or jam. Recently, more and more new fillings are being invented to diversify the taste of traditional doughnuts. Normally sprinkled with powdered sugar, covered with icing sugar or chocolate.

Delicious, fluffy, light doughnuts

Do you know that doughnuts in Poland were initially called pampuchy or kreple? Hence, they’re still called so in Upper Silesia, in Poland today. They would be eaten savoury, usually with pork greaves. They were called Craphun by monks, and for the first time in a literary work they appeared thanks to a well-known Renaissance Polish poet and prose writer – Mikołaj Rej.

The sweet version of doughnuts appeared in the second half of the 16th c. However, they had been hard until the 18th century when by adding yeast, doughnuts approached their current version. Certainly, many of us are very grateful for that ?

Polish Donut Day

As one of our most traditional Polish cakes, doughnuts have their own holiday. What are we talking about? Of course, it’s Fat Thursday, a festival similar to the British tradition of celebrating Shrove Tuesday. There is a belief that everyone should eat at least one doughnut on this day, otherwise it will bring bad luck. An average Pole eats 2.5 of doughnuts on Fat Thursday, and all Poles combined reach almost 100 million! All that in the name of good luck… and taste! 

Certainly, Poles celebrate this festive sweat holiday liked by the many ?

What about our menu?

£2,40 Doughnuts

Rose marmalade
Multi-fruit marmalade
Without stuffing
„Unicorn Horn”
Eggnog cream Lemon cream
CreamChocolate cream
Plum jam Pudding
Peach Cream Toffee cream
Kiwi creamVanilla Cream
Orange cream Cuckoo candy cream
Caramel Strawberry jam

£2,60 Doughnuts

Cheesecake with a rose Creamy pudding with strawberries
Cherry in chocolate Cream pudding with raspberries
Rose with chocolate Fudges cream donuts
White chocolate White chocolate with cherry
Raspberry jam White chocolate with peach
Cheesecake White chocolate with strawberries
Pinacolada cream White chocolate with blueberries
Dragon fruit jam Cherry jam
Red currant with cranberry jam White chocolate with raspberry
Chocolate with rose Caramel with salt
Banana cream Cherry jam
Pear jam Blueberry jam
Chocolate with mint Poppy seed cake
Cherry jam with poppy seeds Pineapple jam
BAN-Toffee Apricot cream
Coconut cream Almond cream
Black currant jam Apple with cinnamon
Kinder Bueno cream Cheesecake with strawberries
Tiramisu cream Cheesecake with pach
Nutella Halva with pistachio cream
Cheesecake with raspberry Chocolate Brownie cream
Cheesecake with blackcurrant Cranberry with pomegranate jam
Mascarpone with raspberries Cheesecake with Blueberries
Orange jam with chilli Mango – passion fruit jam

£2,60 Donuts

Donut with OreoDonut Orange
Donut with LIONDonut Berries
Donut with SnickersDonut Chocolate and raspberry
Mango JamDonut Forest fruits
Donut CherryDonut Raspberry
Donut Chocolate and lemon Donut Eggnog
Donut Chocolate and orangeDonut Blueberry with white chocolate
Donut Chocolate and cherry Donut Raspberry with white chocolate
Donut Strawberry Donut Cherry with white chocolate
Donut Lemon Donut Black currant with white chocolate

Quark Balls

Quark Balls 6 pcs. £4,00
Quark Balls 8 pcs. £4,50
Quark Balls 10 pcs. £5,00
Quark Balls 12 pcs. £5,50
Quark Balls 14 pcs. £6,00

Angel Wings

Brak opisu.
Angel Wing with cinnamon 100g £4,00
Angel Wing with cinnamon 200g £6,00
Angel Wings with cocoa 100g £4,00
Angel Wings with cocoa 200g £6,00
Angel Wings with powder sugar 100g £4,00
Angel Wings with powder sugar 200g £6,00
Angel wings with mint 100g £5,00
Angel wings with mint 200g £8,00

Fresh roasted coffee Sansa

Freshly roasted craft coffee bean 1 kg £35,00
Freshly roasted craft coffee beans 250g £10,00
Fresh roasted ground craft coffee 250g £10,00


Espresso coffee 50/100 ml £2,00/3,60
Black coffee 200/400 ml £2,00/3,60
Cappuccino coffee 200/400 ml £2,00/3,60
Latte coffee 200/400 ml £2,00/3,60
Italian chocolate 200/400 ml £2,00/3,60

Small coffee only £1,00 or Large coffee only £1,50 with any order from the main menu.

You can buy doughnuts delivery. Check out: Doughnut delivery.

Bon Appetit!